Is this You?

People like us are ready for our turn—a Worried To Winning Journey that allows us to:

Use our gifts.

Stop asking permission and start adding value.

Stop saluting and executing and start serving.

Stop settling and start expecting the best from ourselves.

Stop dancing to music we don’t hear and start creating our own.

Stop buying buckets and start fixing our leaks.

I started the Worried To Winning Journey at 52. This journey has helped me move from where I was to where I am today.

The Worried To Winning Journey has helped me:

See fear as proof the moment demands our best, then delivering it.

View failure as a learning opportunity to prepare us for the next level.

Make intentionality a coach that strengthens and prepares me. 

Begin developing the type of life that negates the need for an alarm clock.

If you are people like us, The Worried To Winning Journey is for you because you have a gift to develop, people to serve, and next levels to achieve, personally and professionally.

I don’t type these words from the mountaintop. I’m climbing too. We both have a journey, and part of mine is helping you start yours.

My progress has made me confident that you can achieve the growth you want.  

Worried To Winning is about helping you start! You can do this. Seriously, you can do this; I’m living proof, if I can, you can.  

The decision is yours.

Change requires a strong mindset, new actions, and a purpose. 

I offer three promises:

  1. It will be difficult.  Not nearly as difficult as the results of staying the same.
  2. It will suck at times. If it doesn’t, your goal isn’t big enough.
  3. You will get your ass kicked. {Hopefully, figuratively} Until one day, you stand your ground and stand firm for yourself and your family.

There’s something special about the first time you put fear in its place, and it becomes your ally.

The Worried To Winning Journey will help you develop the courage and toughness to walk away from the drama, embrace the work, and focus on the purpose.

 Are you people like us?  Something has kept you reading.

The next step is easy and free.

Set your Worried To Winning GPS with this 3-minute survey design to help you ask yourself better questions for stronger answers.  Answers that will help you:

  • Create a stronger Mindset to develop the courage you need. 
  • Arrange your Actions into success habits for growth.         
  • Re-ignite with your Purpose to get through the tough days.

My pledge to you is to be real, honest, and to continually serve those on the Worried To Winning Journey. I will consistently be focused on the end results, such as:

  • The improved marriage because of greater intentionality.
  • The smiles on the kids and grandkids of people who changed their habits to have the energy to play tag and live life. 
  • The Raving Fans of the business whose leader decided to serve their employees with a strong Worried to Winning Culture.
  • The people who are served by the charity that has benefited from the additional giving because Worried to Winning helped people increase revenue and give more.
  • The next generations who will benefit from today’s Worried to Winning Journey.

The Worried to Winning Journey is not a turn-by-turn, arrive-at-your dream-destination type of program.  

It’s a compass that takes your current situation, challenges, and insecurities and helps you make progress.

If you are people like us, the Worried To Winning Journey can help you start, keep you going, and help you help others make the leap.

If this is you if you are people like us, set your Worried To Winning GPS here.

I’ve never been for everyone, and if it turns out I’m not for you, I get it.

You will have an opt-out option on everything I send you that will allow you to immediately exit from The Worried To Winning Journey.  

But I hope the Worried To Winning Journey will be the agent of change you’ve been looking for and that I can walk with you as you develop a stronger mindset, better actions, and a purpose that will pull you through the tough days.

Now, go make it happen!


Set your Worried To Winning GPS.