“You were exactly what we wanted. Thank you!”

Jan Robbins GYNCA, Springfield, Mo.

“You made the night so easy for me. Thank you for delivering exactly what we planned. You were an inspiring and motivational speaker because you were so prepared. We will work together again!”

Julie Bolton CEO of Tri-Lakes Board of REALTORS

“Outstanding Job! The proof was how quiet the audience was while you were speaking.”

Roger Frieze Central Bank, Branson, Mo.

Willoughby's Menu of Talks

Worried to Winning: Using fear to get stronger, failure to get smarter, and doubt as a reason to work even harder.

People that lead families, businesses, and organizations of every kind need a little help dealing with change, starting new and reaching for better results in their life and career.

Your audience will be entertained, empowered, and equipped as Steve outlines how the Worried To Winning MAP can guide them.

M: Mindset
Strengthen their mindset to develop a healthier relationship with fear; so it motivates, instead of paralyzes them.

A: Action
Improve and arrange their actions into consistent success habits to create the change they want in life.

P: Purpose
Re-ignite and expand their purpose to pull them through the tough days. Because Worried To Winning doesn’t stop life from dealing you a bad hand, it helps you become strong enough to take the right course of action that is aligned with your purpose. It helps you win!

The Worried To Winning presentation is the help many need to deal with change, start something new and achieve better results in their career. The audience will leave with a better MAP for their journey. The systems and processes provided help them discover the courage that’s already within them to design the life they want to live.

Also available as a three-hour workshop.

Learning from Branson’s Mission, Mistakes, and Masters! Perfect for your meeting or conference in Branson.

About eight million people annually visit Branson for vacations, family reunions, and conferences. It became a phenomenon in the early 90’s after national publicity touted it as the Country Music Show Capital of the World, with a population 4,228 residents.

This quirky little community that I love and its remarkable evolution provides today’s business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs fascinating examples and real life lessons with universal value.

This presentation includes:

  • Entertaining insights on how hard work and serving customers never go out of style.
  • A cautionary tale about how growing too big, too fast will cause problems. Branson learned that buying more buckets, doesn’t fix your leaks.
  • Examples of how you can either adjust to the wave of change today or drown in it tomorrow.

Whether your audience knows all about Branson or never visited, this presentation will pull the curtain back on the popular show town and help them learn from Branson’s mission, mistakes, and masters!

Give your audience Willoughby’s 3-E Guarantee:


Steve will use his four decades of experience connecting with audiences on radio, in seminars, and one on one sales situations to create lean-in moments for your audience.


Steve is a fan of people who want to improve their lives for their God, themselves, and their family. Your audience will leave your event feeling good about their future.


Steve is not finished when he walks off the stage, your audience will get 21 days of Worried To Winning Wake-Up calls to help them start, create momentum, and find their own Worried To Winning Path to their mountain top.

Steve’s Entertainment History

Steve Willoughby can’t sing, dance, or play an instrument.

But for nearly 4 decades, he was one of the most recognizable voices in one of America’s leading visitor destinations, Branson Missouri.

He co-hosted {along with Janet Ellis} one of the longest running, most successful morning shows in the industry.

Willoughby was a leader, his teams super-served their community and listeners winning a Crystal Award from National Association of Broadcasters. {Ten are awarded annually}

Steve earned his Certified Radio Marketing Consultant in the late 80s and helped businesses grow revenues.

He and Janet Ellis were Two Time winners of Show of The Year from Missouri Broadcasters.

He earned awards with his commercials writing.

He and Janet Ellis Emceed some historical events in Branson’s boom years.

His leadership kept the team together when ownership was dealing with with a “hostile take over” within the family.


Here’s what some of Branson’s Best say about Steve Willoughby

Janet Ellis:

I was Steve’s on-air partner for 22 years. I know him. I watched him avoid the fear and stay in his comfort zone. His transformation is amazing, he can help you achieve your goal.

Tony Orlando:

When I got to know and work with Steve Willoughby, I saw the gift, I told him he was destined to do more. I’m so happy he has “Jumped!” If you want change, you want to win, let Steve help you.

Steve Presley:

Steve is funny, quick witted and not afraid to say what needs to be said. On stage and off, I’ve enjoyed working with Steve Willoughby, you will too.

Paul Harris:

I’ve been on stage and on-air with Steve Willoughby. We’ve also had some serious life conversations.You and your audience will appreciate his humor, message, and mission.

Jason Pritchett:

Steve Willoughby is one of my biggest fans, the feeling is mutual.

Mike Patrick:

I’m a fan. We’ve worked together on and off the stage. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Your audience will benefit from Steve’s ability to connect.